Lynx GIS Advisers

GIS Exploration Advisers

Since the mid-1990s Lynx has been producing GIS Exploration Advisers, which are GIS-enabled regional reports using industry standard ESRI ArcGIS software. Lynx works with geological consultants with experience of specific regions, to build coherent syntheses, valuable to the exploration geologist and new ventures entrant.

Using the ArcGIS front-end, the user has instant access to powerful exploration and G&G data, which can be queried based on specific user-driven parameters.

To complement the GIS Exploration Advisers, Lynx also has a rich seismic archive with SEG-Y available in almost all producing basins around the world, plus a wide selection of digital wells in LAS format.

Specialist plug-ins for ArcGIS have been developed in-house which enable the explorationist to use conventional exploration formats such as LAS and SEG-Y directly in the GIS. These powerful tools also make data integration with interpretation workstations simple and quick.

The GIS Exploration Advisers are fully loaded with standard datasets including: bathymetry, gravity, SRTM Elevation, satellite (Landsat) imagery, surface geology, well databases, up-to-date concession boundaries, field maps, production information and oilfields databases.

Installation, training, and data integration services are offered to clients to enable the full potential to be harnessed.

The products are updated on an annual basis.

Lynx is also working on new GIS Exploration Advisers in under-explored areas of the world - see the Lynx Blog for announcements of new developments.

GIS Exploration Advisers are available for the following regions - click on an item to view details:

Exploration Fabric of Africa

Exploration Fabric of South America

North Africa

Indian Sub Continent

Middle East

West Africa

  • West African Salt Basin - including Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo-Brazzaville, Congo-DRC, Angola, Namibia

East Africa



South America

Speculative Seismic Data

Lynx has worked with licensing authorities to make vintage seismic datasets available in digital format for up-coming licensing rounds, and has agreed the rights to make these datasets subsequently available to interested parties.
The seismic data have been scanned and vectorised into SEG-Y format, post-stack processed and then reconciled with the existing seismic navigation information, and are ready for workstation loading.

We have seismic data available off-the-shelf in these areas:

Seismic data availabilty in other areas may depend on your company's exploration/production licensing entitlements - please ask for details.

We also broker a number of seismic surveys in the continental United States. See the interactive map for details of the seismic surveys available.

If you would like to know more about our GIS, seismic and well coverage, please contact us.