Lynx GIS Advisers

Algeria - Lynx GIS Adviser

This report is one of a series of new GIS products designed to exploit the power and ease of use of ArcGIS as a tool for the Explorationist. The product consists of a wide variety of exploration and production related maps linked to well/field/reservoir databases, geological cross sections, geo-seismic sections, seismic sections, reservoir logs and digital well logs managed from within ESRI's ArcGIS application suite.

The emphasis of this Algerian project is on producing fields/reservoirs and includes tabular data for 318 fields/discoveries and 544 producing reservoirs. There is a well database containing over 1600 entries with links to 5700 formation tops.

In addition to these GIS themes there are illustrations for most of the fields/discoveries: cross-sections, formation logs, seismic examples etc.

Also from the GIS there are links to digital reports for each of the 45 fields listed below which contain information and descriptions of structure, reservoirs, reserves, production history, pressure decline, drainage, water injection, fluids composition/analysis, GOR evolution, field parameters, lithology, petrophysical properties etc. Text and figures, including composite logs, geological cross-sections, structure maps and seismic sections are also provided as digital PDFs. An example field can be provided.

Fields included (45):

  • Ain Romana
  • Ait Kheir
  • Alrar
  • Amassak Qued Zenani
  • Bir Berkine
  • Ben Kahla
  • Bir Berkine Nord
  • Bir Rebaa nord
  • Brides
  • Damrane
  • Dimeta
  • Djorf
  • Edjeleh
  • El Agreb
  • El Borma
  • El Gassi
  • El Ouar Sud
  • Gassi Touil
  • Guellala
  • Guellala NE
  • Haoud Berkaoui A
  • Hassi Chergui
  • Hassi Mazoula
  • Hassi Messaoud
  • Hassi R'mel
  • Hassi Touareg
  • Keskessa
  • Makouda
  • Messdar
  • Nezla N and S
  • Ohanet
  • Oued Noumer
  • Rhourde Hamra
  • Rhourde Messaoud
  • Rhourde Nouss Central
  • Rhourde Nouss SE
  • Rhourde Rouni
  • Stah
  • Tabankorttiraremine
  • Tiguentourine
  • Tin Fouye
  • Toual
  • Wed el Teh
  • Zarzaitine
  • Zotti

Additional Digital Well Data Module

In addition to the table above, another 122 digital well logs are available. Please request a detailed listing of curves and depth ranges.