Lynx GIS Advisers

Western Siberia - Lynx GIS Adviser

Originally compiled in 1996, in partnership with Tyumen Thematic Expeditions, this Field Atlas has been extensively revised to take advantage of today's digital technology.

This Adviser contains comprehensive field data for 50 oil, gas and condensate fields from the northern part of the Western Siberian Basin, and includes digital well logs over reservoir intervals, digital seismic sections and structure maps for the following fields:

  1. Pokhromskoye
  2. Beryozovskoye
  3. Punginskoye
  4. Vyngapurovskoye
  5. Kharampurskoye
  6. Yety-purovskoye
  7. Tarasovskoye
  8. Tarkosalinskoye Vostochnoye
  9. Tarkosalinskoye Zapadnoye
  10. Gubkinskoye
  11. Vyngayakhinskoye
  12. Komsomol'skoye
  13. Komsomol'skoye Severnoye
  14. Yubileynoye
  15. Beregovoye
  16. Russkoye Yuzhnoye
  17. Yaroyakhinskoye
  18. Urengoyskoye Vostochnoye
  19. Urengoyskoye
  20. Samburgskoye
  21. Yamburgskoye
  22. Yurkharovskoye
  23. Urengoyskoye Severnoye
  24. Tazovskoye
  25. Zapolyarnoye
  26. Russkoye
  27. Nakhodkinskoe
  28. Messoyakhskoye Zapadnoye
  29. Totayakhinskoye
  30. Gydanskoye
  31. Utrenneye
  32. Geofizicheskoye
  33. Pestsovoye
  34. Medvezhye
  35. Yamsoveyskoye
  36. Novoportovskoye
  37. Rostovtsevskoye
  38. Arkticheskoye
  39. Bovanenkovskoye
  40. Kruzenshternskoye
  41. Kharasaveyskoye
  42. Malyginskoye
  43. Tambeyskoye Severnoye
  44. Tambeyskoye Zapadnoye
  45. Tambeyskoye Yuzhnoye
  46. Termokarstovoye
  47. Tasiyskoye
  48. Pyakyakhinskoye
  49. Khal'merpayutinskoye
  50. Messoyakhskoye Vostochnoye

Also provided for most of the fields are annual production curves, geological cross-sections, reservoir cross-plots, geochem tables, reservoir characteristics, core analysis data, reserves information, analyses of gas, condensates and associated oils and petrographic analysis

The GIS contains the following information:

  • Cultural map layers - land, ocean, coastline, towns, built up areas, roads, graticule, administrative areas, inland water bodies and rivers, concessions
  • Geological/exploration map layers - gas hydrates, over pressure, depth to basement, field outlines and names, concessions, well locations, seismic line location
  • Topographic relief map
  • Satellite imagery
  • Seismic data - seismic shotpoint maps and digital seismic lines in SEG-Y format (101 lines - 4000 km). Seismic data can be displayed within the GIS environment using Lynx's Seismap integrated viewer
  • Well data - basic well information from 2300+ wells. Digital well logs (122)

As with all Lynx GIS Advisers, training, installation and data integration services are available, allowing you to release the full potential of the data.

Please ask for a detailed listing.