The Lynx Resource Portal

Bringing NOC petroleum data to the IOC explorationist's desk

The Lynx Resource Portal (LRP) is a web-portal with back-end database management system (DBMS) for efficiently visualising, managing and delivering seismic data images and other petroleum exploration data through a map-based web browser in real time.

It is based on petroleum-industry standard software - Oracle 11g database and ArcGIS Server. The system may be viewed by the remote user, with any of the common desktop browsers. (Some browsers are much faster than others.)

National Oil Companies and petroleum agencies need to show seismic and other exploration data to oil companies, so that they can quickly and efficiently decide their interest in acreage opportunities. For busy new ventures explorationists, on-line viewing of images (before data purchase of SEG-Y) cuts this cycle-time very considerably.

Lynx's experience is that sales of data are significantly enhanced by having an on-line 'shopfront'. The LRP has been developed over 16 years by Lynx Information Systems and is used by the UK Onshore Geophysical Library (, a DBMS which has been widely hailed as a great success in promoting exploration activity onshore in the UK. Oil companies and academic users feed back requests and suggestions for improvements to Lynx which evaluates and incorporates these features. It is by this feedback mechanism that the functionality has been increased over the years.

Security, rights to data, data sales records, and database administration are all covered by the system.

Lynx staff who have been intimately involved with the software development are available for support by webinar/telephone/e-mail and by on-site visits for training/upgrades/etc. Lynx's long experience in seismic data management procedures is also there to assist clients.

For those NOCs which still have a significant part of their national archive in hard-copy form, Lynx can provide software for vectorising archive seismic data, plus a full training programme to support it. Lynx also carries out scanning and vectorising projects at its offices in London and Houston.

Lynx can also recover earlier historic data from operators which have not returned data to the national archive.

In summary, we believe the LRP is the most cost-effective and best performing system on the market. Through its high-performance and extensive functionality, it can reduce new ventures cycle-time and help to bring more explorers to your country.

The UKOGL implementation of the LRP is open to all users: